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3D wall panels from Stabigo, stylish and modern

In recent years we have seen that traditional wall coverings have been replaced by 3D wall panels. Where we often saw wallpaper, paint or stucco on the wall, more and more 3D options are now being added, including the 3D wall panels from Stabigo. Stabigo is the provider of 3D wall panels in the Benelux.







Types of 3D wall panels

We have various shapes and materials in our range of 3D wall panels. For example, 3D strips are made of wood and stone. In addition, different shapes / structures are available. Think of micro mosaic, where beautifully finished stones are attached to panels. Also in our range of 3D wall panels:

  • Round mosaic
  • Square mosaic
  • Horizontal and vertical strips
  • There is also a herringbone textured wall panel. You will find the entire range on the Stabigo website.

Do you have a question about the 3D wall panels, or about the availability of a version? Then please contact us.

3D wall panels in which room?

3D wall panels are in principle suitable for every room. Do you want to install 3D wall panels in the bathrooms? Then choose material that can withstand the moisture. You cannot place wood strips in the shower in most cases. The rest of the bathroom can be equipped with 3D wall panels, both of wood and stone.

Sustainable and natural appearance for the home or office

By mounting 3D wall panels of wood or stone on a wall, you create a natural atmosphere in the room. You can provide the entire room with the 3D wall panels, but the partial covering of the walls with the 3D wall panels often results in a surprising effect. It is definitely worth trying.

Easy installation of 3D wall panels

Placing a 3D wall panel is very easy. With a good kit and a little patience you will achieve a great end result. However, keep in mind that 3D wall panels that are mounted directly on the bare wall with a kit are difficult to remove later. In many cases it is therefore wise to first mount the 3D panels on a wooden board (such as a chipboard). to subsequently attach the wooden plate including the wall panels to the wall.

Stabigo dealer in your area

Do you want to preview Stabigo 3D wall panels? There are numerous dealers in the Benelux where the Stabigo range is present. View on this page for a dealer in your area. Do you have a question about the 3D wall panels from Stabigo? Then you can contact us by calling: 0472067800 or by sending an email to: We are happy to tell you more about our 3D wall panels.

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