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Bathroom panels: excellent alternative to tiles

Are you looking for affordable, high-quality bathroom panels? At Stabigo you will find a wide range of bathroom panels guaranteed. Bathroom panels are panels with wood strips, stone mosaic or other materials on top. Instead of the traditional bathroom tile, you can now opt for an attractive alternative.







Bathroom panels: water resistant and attractive

The bathroom panels from Stabigo are of course completely water-resistant. Still, in many cases, such as wood-panel bathroom panels, it is not convenient to place the panels in the shower. The daily contact with moisture (both water and vapor) is bad for the wood. A stone bathroom panel is very suitable for that. Bathroom panels are always being used as an alternative to the traditional bathroom tile. The range therefore also grows with popularity. What started with 3D stone strips on the bathroom wall has meanwhile been extended to pebbles on the wall, wood strips and herringbone motif.

Attach bathroom panels yourself?

That is how it works. With the waterproof bathroom panels from Stabigo you can easily get a great end result. You can fix the bathroom panels yourself. You do this as follows:

  • Provide a strong, moisture-proof kit to attach the panels
  • You can attach the panels directly to the bare bathroom wall. But we advise you to first attach panels to a wooden plate. Chipboard lends itself well to this.
  • Then attach the wooden plate to the wall. This can be done in several ways. For the long term it is wise to take into account the possible removal of the plates in the future. 

Types of bathroom panels

Not every material is suitable for mounting on the bathroom wall. Bathroom panels made of stone are always suitable. Stone is water resistant. Wooden strips must have a water-resistant layer. Therefore always ask about the possibility of installing a wooden panel in the bathroom. Do you want advice on this? Then please contact us. We are happy to inform you.

Stabigo dealer in your area

Do you want to view our range of bathroom panels in the store? Then visit a Stabigo dealer in your area. There are numerous Stabigo dealers in the Benelux. Information about the nearest bathroom panel dealer can be found on our dealer page. Do you have a question about our bathroom panels? Then you can call: 0472067800 or send an e-mail to: We will tell you everything you need to know about bathroom panels.

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