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Bathroom wallcovering as an alternative to tiles

Are you looking for the best bathroom wallcovering at a competitive price? Stabigo offers you a wide range to choose from. Our bathroom wall covering is decorated with wood, stones or other materials. This bathroom wall covering is an attractive alternative to the traditional bathroom tiles. So you can also choose small stones that you can attach to your wallcovering as a mosaic and that bring nature into your bathroom.







Atmospheric and yet water-resistant

Our wallcovering is of course water resistant. However, in many cases, such as with wooden wall coverings, it is not wise to place it in your shower. Because the materials come into daily contact with moisture through water and water vapor, the wood can be damaged. However, you can place stone wall coverings in your shower room with confidence. Bathroom wall coverings are becoming increasingly popular. In most living magazines you will find much inspiration for bathroom wall coverings. What started with 3D stone strips on the bathroom wall, has now grown into a wide range with a wide selection of wall coverings for the bathroom.

How can I attach my bathroom wall covering?

Our waterproof bathroom wallcovering provides a beautiful bathroom. You can easily fix the wallcovering yourself. You can approach this as follows:

  • Make sure you have a strong, moisture-resistant kit
  • You can attach the panels directly to the bathroom wall. However, it is wise to first attach the panels to a wooden board, such as a chipboard.
  • Then attach the wooden plate to the wall. This can be done in several ways. For the long term it is wise to take into account the possible removal of the plates in the future.

Types of bathroom wall coverings 

Not every material is suitable for mounting on your bathroom wall. However, stone is always suitable as bathroom wallcovering, because stone is water-resistant. In the case of wooden wall coverings, it must have a water-resistant layer. Therefore always inquire in advance about the possibilities of using wooden wall coverings in your bathroom. Our advisors are happy to help you with suitable advice.

Find your bathroom wallcovering directly at a dealer

Would you like to view our range? Then visit a Stabigo dealer in your area. There are numerous Stabigo dealers in the Benelux. You can find information about a dealer in your area via this page. Do you have any questions about our range? Then call 0472067800 or send an email to: We will be happy to give you suitable advice about your new bathroom wallcovering!

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