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Stone strips on the wall, they are back again!

Give your home or office a modern look with Stabigo brick slips. You can easily apply them to any wall. Did you know that this popular wall covering from the seventies is back? Scraps and brick slips have shaken the old-fashioned stamp. That paves the way for giving the walls in your home or office a hip look by applying brick strips on it. Ideal if you have a new-build home or modern office building. You can give every room a retro character with brick strips with a brick structure! The other way round is of course also very possible. If you live in an old house or work in an older office, you can give every wall a modern look with the modern Stabigo stone strips with natural stone or a “concrete look”. Whatever you choose, you are always up to date!







Lots of brick slips for lots of options

Because brick strips are so popular today, the range of brick strips has of course also increased considerably. Brick strips for the wall can now be purchased in various designs. For any wall in any room. For every wall you can easily find the modern Stabigo brick strips! And because they are very easy to combine with each other, you can also consider giving each wall a different design of Stabigo brick strips in your home or office. That always gives a surprising result. The Stabigo specialists can give you extensive advice on this.

Modern color brick strips for your modern wall

Are you afraid that stone strips on your wall will look old-fashioned? Rest assured: there is a big difference between the brick strips from the past and the modern brick strips from today: the colors are completely up-to-date. The shades of brown from the 1970s have been replaced by the fresh and modern colors of the times of today. Regardless of the year of construction of your home or office. The perfect decorative brick slips are available for every wall in every home or office. You can choose from a wide variety of authentic designs and colors. Stabio advisors are happy to help you choose wall brick strips.

Get started with stone strips from Stabigo

Modernizing your walls with Stabigo brick slips is easier than you think. If you are handy, you can easily mount them on any wall. You place the brick strips directly on the wall. You do not have to remove old paint and wallpaper layers first. Because it requires little preparation and because they are easy to assemble, you will see the results of your work quickly. You simultaneously give large surfaces of your wall a completely new look.

Stabigo dealer nearby

There is a wide and varied range of Stabigo brick strips for every wall. They are not expensive and you will receive them quickly. Want to know more about the wall brick strips from Stabigo? Feel free to visit a Stabigo dealer in your area for information and advice. Of course you can also call or email the Stabigo specialists via 0472067800 and Stone strips for your wall? Stabigo has them guaranteed for you!

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