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Decorative wall panels: modern and stylish

Do you want to decorate your walls in an original way at home or at the office? Another efficient way to create modern, stylish design walls is the use of Stabigo decorative wall panels. With these wall panels you can make the most beautiful combinations, more than you would think. Moreover, with the 3D wall panels you give relief to the hours of your home or office. They give your spaces a modern and stylish look.







Assortment of decorative wall panels

Stabigo has a very wide range of decorative wall panels in many shapes, sizes and materials. For example, there are wall panels made of wood, but there is also a wide selection of stone wall panels in various shapes and structures. Think of micro mosaic. With these panels, beautifully finished stones are attached to the wall panels. In the assortment you will also find:

  • Round mosaic
  • Square mosaic
  • Horizontal and vertical strips

We also have wall panels in a herringbone structure. View the entire Stabigo range on the website. Do you have a question about the availability of wall panels? Then contact us.

Handy to mount decorative wall panels

The decorative wall panels are easy to install. They have a 3D surface with a perfect repeat of the patterns. They are lightweight and have geometric motifs such as circles, squares or pads. In gold or silver color they give a lively appearance to the room where they are placed. The design, in combination with the selected accessories, make the decorative wall panel a wonderful element for a modern look at home or in a commercial space.

Assemble wall panels yourself?

For a beautiful end result, it is important to properly assemble the wall panels. You do this as follows:

  • Make sure the surface is clean and (reasonably) flat.
  • Is the surface not flat? First mount a wooden (chip) plate on it.
  • Use a good kit
  • If necessary, cut the wall panels to size with a circular or jigsaw.

Please note: if the panels with kit are mounted directly on the wall, they will be difficult to remove in the future.

Personal and innovative 

Use the decorative wall panels to create a design space and give your home, store or commercial space an attractive atmosphere. Innovative wall panels with a personal touch. They are ideal for decorating the wall of, for example, a living room, hall, bedroom, restaurant or hairdresser. The result is amazing.

Find your decorative wall panels at our dealer 

Are you curious about our range of decorative wall panels? And would you like to come and see them in real life? Then visit a Stabigo dealer in your area. On this page you will find more information about a dealer in your area. Do you have any questions about our products? Then call us on 0472067800 or send an e-mail to: Our advisors are happy to assist you in issuing advice about the best wall panels for you!

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