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Exterior wall covering, modern and stylish

Are you looking for the best exterior wall covering for your home or office building? Stabigo offers you a wide range. We have exterior wall cladding of wood, stone and various other materials. You can of course make the choice for a normal wall, but what could be nicer than giving your current outside wall just that little extra? This way you also have the choice to place mosaic on your walls, so that your outside wall gets a natural look. There is a wide choice of exterior wall cladding.







Water resistant and atmospheric

Our exterior wall covering is water resistant and can therefore withstand a heavy rain shower. However, in many cases it is not advisable to place wooden wall coverings outside. Because the wood regularly comes into contact with water, it can damage your wood. However, you can use stones as an outer wall covering. Covering exterior walls is increasingly being done nowadays. Many living magazines offer inspiration for the most beautiful exterior wall covering. What started with 3D brick strips has now grown into a wide selection of cladding for your exterior wall.

How can I cover my outside wall?

Our exterior wall covering ensures that your wall will have a beautiful appearance. You can easily attach your upholstery yourself. You can approach this as follows:

  • Make sure you have a strong, moisture-resistant kit
  • The cover can be directly attached to your outside wall. In addition, it is wise to first attach the covering to a wooden board, such as chipboard.
  • Then attach the wooden plate to the outside wall. For the long term it is wise to take into account the possible removal of the wooden boards in the future.

Types of exterior wall cladding

You cannot simply attach any material to your outside wall. Stone is always suitable for use as an exterior wall covering due to its water resistance. With wooden wallcovering, there must always be a water-resistant layer. Always inquire in advance about the options before choosing wood as an exterior wall covering. Our advisors are happy to provide you with customized advice.

Find your exterior wall covering at our dealer

Are you curious about our range of exterior wall cladding? And would you like to come and see our materials in real life? Then visit a Stabigo dealer in your area. For example, we have Stabigo dealers throughout the Benelux. On this page you will find more information about a dealer in your area. Do you have any questions about our products? Then call us on 0472067800 or send an e-mail to: Our advisors are happy to assist you in issuing advice about the most suitable exterior wall covering for your home.

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