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Wooden cladding: traditional and timeless

Give your home, farm or office building a beautiful traditional and timeless look with wood cladding. You will find a wide range of wooden cladding at Stabigo. Wood cladding is one of the most traditional ways to clad your facade. When you choose wood as cladding, there is a range of types, colors and structures to choose from. Commonly used wood types for façade cladding are European pine and Western Red Cedar.







Protection of cladding made of wood

Wooden cladding offers resistance to all weather conditions. With our products for wooden façade cladding you are assured of quality of the highest level. Another important advantage is that the appearance is maintained over the years with minimal maintenance. By choosing wooden cladding you give your home a warm and authentic look. Many types of wood are suitable as façade finishes and you can also choose to combine the wooden wallcovering with insulation.

Aging wood low in maintenance

Some types of wood are not processed because they “age” due to a natural process. The advantage of aging wood is that this wood does not have to be painted, it is not recommended to do this. If you still want to give your wooden façade a color, it is therefore best to choose a type of wood that does not age. We can provide you with excellent advice in choosing your type of wood.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden cladding

Below we list the advantages and disadvantages of using wood as a wall cladding for your building:

  • Untreated, aging wood is environmentally friendly
  • Wood is an inexpensive cladding
  • Non-aging wood can be painted in any desired color
  • Wood gives a natural, authentic look
  • Repairs are relatively easy to perform
  • Requires some maintenance (depending on the type of wood)
  • Hardwood cladding is not always ecological (tropical hardwood)

Advice on wood selection and assembly

Are you looking for wooden wall cladding for your home or business premises? Then hire a professional. A specialist like Stabigo can advise you on the most suitable type of wood based on your preferences and budget. Moreover, we can help you with the correct execution of the work when applying a wooden cladding.

Find your decorative wall panels at our dealer

Are you curious about our range of cladding made of wood. And would you like to come and see this? Then visit a Stabigo dealer in your area. On this page you will find more information about dealers in your area. Do you have any questions about our products? Then call us on 0472067800 or mail to: Our advisors are happy to assist you in issuing advice about the best wooden façade panels for you!

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