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Unique pebbles from Stabigo

Do you want to provide the floor or wall in your home or office with unique pebbles? Then view the extensive Stabigo collection at the Stabigo dealer in your area. Wholesale Stabigo specializes in floor and wall coverings of excellent quality. The products are known for their durability and natural appearance. They supply the pebbles, wall panels, mosaic tiles and slab wood to Stabigo dealers throughout the Netherlands. For more information about the Stabigo products or to place an order, please visit the Stabigo dealer.







Pebbles on the floor or on the wall for a stylish space

The pebbles from Stabigo can be used in various ways. The beautifully shaped boulders can not only be applied to your floors, but also look great as wall decorations in your bathroom or toilet. Pebbles are small boulders that together form a beautiful whole. The stones are real natural products and therefore last for years and have a natural, timeless appearance. By using pebbles as floor or wall decoration, you can turn your kitchen, bathroom or toilet into a unique and stylish place.

Opportunities in the field of pebbles

In the area of ​​pebbles there is a wide choice. The full Stabigo range with pebbles can be viewed and ordered from the Stabigo dealer. You can choose from different colors, sizes and shapes. Due to the wide range and timeless appearance, there is a suitable floor or wall decoration for every interior. Do you find it difficult to make the right choice? Then ask the Stabigo specialists for customized advice.

Characteristics of the products of Stabigo

 The quality of its products is of paramount importance to Stabigo. They also offer the following:

  • Wide choice of different colors and shapes.
  • A stylish and natural look.
  • Different versions.
  • A long service life.
  • Competitively priced

Do you need more information about the unique pebbles from Stabigo? Then contact us immediately.

Visit a Stabigo dealer in the area

Have you become interested in the special pebbles from Stabigo as wall or floor decoration? Or do you want to know more about how you can best fix the pebbles? Then get information from the Stabigo dealer. You can also contact Stabigo at 0472067800 or We would love to hear your wishes for the Stabigo pebbles for on the floor or on the wall.

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