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Back from the past: stone strips in the kitchen

How nice is it to make the toilet totally hip with the decorative stone strips an Stabigo? Brick strips were found in many homes or offices in the 1970s. But they gradually disappeared and were replaced by other wall decorations. But now stone strips are back again. Scraps and brick slips have shaken the old-fashioned stamp. In fact: they are completely ‘in’. Of course, “modernizing” a room in a home or business with a retro wall design is fun to do. For example, it is nice and surprising to transform your toilet with brick slips with a completely different look than the rest of the building.







Wide selection of brick strips for your toilet

Thanks to the “comeback” of the brick strips, the range has of course also been modernized. Stone strips are again available in a wide variety of designs. So no matter how your toilet wants to dress, there are Stabigo brick slips in the range for every look. Do you really want to create a special space? Then it is nice to vary with different stone strip designs on every wall of the toilet.

Color stone strips for your toilet

The range of brick slips is adapted to the requirements of modern times. Do you have a modern home or a classic home? The perfect decorative brick slips are available for every building. They are available in the most authentic designs and colors. With this, your toilet can be guaranteed a trendy look. The Stabigo advisors are happy to give you more information about the brick slips of today!

Assemble brick strips yourself in your toilet

You can easily mount the Stabigo brick strips in your toilet yourself. You can easily apply them to any wall yourself. You can mount brick strips directly on the wall without having to remove old paint or wallpaper layers in advance. The great thing about applying brick slips is that you see results quickly, because it requires so little preparation and because your relations can quickly cover many square meters of wall. So in a toilet room you can quickly do odd jobs. 

Stabigo dealer nearby

You will find a wide and varied range of brick slips at attractive prices for every toilet at your Stabigo dealer. And they are delivered quickly! Want to know more about Stabigo brick slips or other Stabigo products? Of course you can also call or email the Stabigo specialists via 0472067800 and You will find stone strips for a modern “look” of your toilet at Stabigo.

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