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Create a whole new bathroom with Stabigo brick strips

Are you ready for a new appearance of your bathroom? Then we advise you to opt for new walls with Stabigo brick slips. This way you can easily and quickly create a beautiful bathroom without having to do extensive renovations. Stone strips give a personal accent to your bathroom, making this space even more appealing to the imagination.







Stone strips for the bathroom

Stone strips come in many shapes and sizes. Get real atmosphere makers. But we recommend ceramic brick slips for bathrooms. This is due to the adverse effects of moisture. Stabigo has a very wide range of decorative stone strips that are delivered quickly.

Suitable for every living style

Stone strips have the special property of adapting to the atmosphere of a room, including your bathroom. They fit very nicely in a rural living style, are tough in an industrial design, but their natural look also fits seamlessly with modern, botanical trends. Not surprising that the stone strips are so loved. The strips give a natural effect to the wall and they create depth and rhythm.

Application of brick slips

Applying stone strips is not difficult. Brick slips come in various sizes and thicknesses. What they have in common is that they are all lightweight. And that makes them easy to process. You can also use them on almost any surface. That makes applying brick strips a fun do-it-yourself job. Especially because you see fast results. You can see your bathroom walls changing rapidly.

Get inspiration from the Stabigo dealer

Stabigo has a wide and varied range of stone strips for your bathroom. Whether you like a sleek look, or rather rough and unpolished; we have stone strips for everyone’s taste. Our products are competitively priced and are delivered quickly. Do you want more information about our brick slips, or do you need more information about the other Stabigo products? Then visit the Stabigo dealer. Of course you can also call or email the Stabigo specialists via 0472067800 and We will gladly provide you with more information about the Stabigo brick strips for your bathroom.

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