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Stone strips gray, for a modern exclusive atmosphere

The wall of a room is the calling card of your home or office. The right wallcovering not only makes a room more beautiful, but also determines the atmosphere. Stone strips are ideal for covering walls in a decorative way. Brick slips come in many colors, types, sizes and application options. Stone strips gray are very suitable for covering walls in for example your kitchen, toilet or bathroom.







Why choose exterior façade brick strips?

Applying brick strips to your outer wall is easy to do. The stone strips are lightweight and very thin, so you have little loss of space. Assembling brick slips is even a nice job for the do-it-yourselfer. With brick strips you provide the outer walls around your home or office with a completely new look in an instant. Stone strips on the outside walls therefore also grow very quickly in popularity. Especially because you can give your garden or other outdoor spaces an extra rural touch. 

High quality brick strips for exterior walls

Stone strips on exterior facades give your house or office from outside a completely new look in any desired style. Certainly if you opt for Stabigo brick strips for the outside facade. In the field of brick strip, Stabigo stands for high quality at a very favorable price. Do you want to provide your exterior with a granite or marble appearance, for example? Or would you rather opt for a “wood look”? Do you have no idea which style suits you well? Then order a number of free samples. Then you can quietly compare at home to be sure to come to a suitable choice.

Apply stone strips to the outside wall

Applying brick strips to an outer wall is not difficult. They come in different sizes and thicknesses, but they are always very easy to handle. And despite their robust appearance, they are lightweight. That makes it easy to process. They can also be applied to almost any surface. And the great thing about working with brick slips is that you see results very quickly. You can see your exterior facades beautify quickly.

Visit a Stabigo dealer in the area

Stabigo has a wide and varied range of brick slips for your exterior façade. Whether you like a sleek look, or rather rough and unpolished; we have stone strips for everyone’s taste. Feel free to visit the Stabigo dealer for more information. Feel free to call or email Stabigo stone strip specialists via 0472067800 and With Stabigo brick strips for your exterior façade, you opt for quality at an attractive price.

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