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Stone strips on your interior walls create a whole new atmosphere

Create a whole new atmosphere in your home or office with Stabigo interior wall brick slips. You order them easily and quickly from your Stabigo dealer. Stone strips for the inner wall come in many types, sizes and designs. With beautiful, natural-looking stone strips, you can bring a little inside outside. An interior wall covered with stone strips looks particularly attractive and immediately gives a warm welcome to your home or business premises. The range is very wide. It is up to you to choose which brick slips best suit the interior walls of your home or office.







Why choose brick strips on your inner wall? 

Applying brick strips to an inner wall is not difficult. Stone strips are lightweight and very thin, so you have little loss of space. Attaching the beautiful brick slips is even a nice job for the do-it-yourselfer. You provide a completely new appearance to large surfaces of your interior walls of your home or office in a relatively short time. This makes the choice of brick strip very easy for most people. Especially because they are very versatile in a classic, modern and rural environment. Something for everyone.

High quality interior wall brick strips

With Stabigo brick strips for your interior wall you can be sure that you are making an economical choice for good quality. There is a wide range of brick strips for interior walls in an excellent price-quality ratio. Are you still unsure about which strips you want to purchase? Then order a free sample. Then you can compare the different brick slips at home and you can be sure that you are buying the right brick slips that best suit your home or office and therefore make a good purchase!

Apply stone strips to your interior wall

Applying brick strips to an inner wall is fairly easy. They come in different sizes and thicknesses, but always easy to handle. And because they are lightweight, they are easy to process. Moreover, they can be used on almost any surface. And the great thing about working with brick slips is that you see results very quickly. You can see your walls beautifying inside quickly.

Visit a Stabigo dealer in the area

Stone strips inside wall? Stabigo has a wide and varied range of brick strips for interior walls. Whether you like a sleek look, or rather rough and unpolished; we have stone strips for everyone’s taste. They are competitively priced and are delivered quickly. Feel free to visit the Stabigo dealer for more information. Of course you can also call or email the Stabigo specialists via 0472067800 and We are happy to provide you with more information about the Stabigo brick strips for your interior wall.

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