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Back from the past: stone strips in the kitchen

Is your kitchen in need of a decorative makeover? Have you ever thought about applying the brick slips? The popular wallcovering from the seventies is back in fashion. Scrap metal and brick slips are back and have shaken the old-fashioned stamp. Do you live in a new-build home and want to give your kitchen or another room in your house a retro character? It is quickly arranged with brick strips with a brick structure! Of course, the other way is also possible. Do you live in an old house and want to give your kitchen a modern look? Take the modern Stabigo stone strips with natural stone or a “concrete look”.







Wide range of stone strips for the kitchen

Due to the increasing popularity of brick slips, the range has of course also been expanded considerably. Stone strips are currently again available in a wide variety of designs. So for every kitchen, modern or classic, there are always Stabigo brick strips. And because they are very easy to combine with each other, you can also consider varying in your kitchen with different stone strip designs.

Choose your color brick strips for the kitchen

There is a big difference between the brick strips from the past and the brick strips from today. The colours! The shades of brown from the 70s have given way to the fresh and modern colors of today. Regardless of the year of construction of your home or office and the design thereof, the perfect decorative brick slips are available for every type of home or office. They are now available in authentic designs and colors. And because of the structure, the character of the stone strips remains intact. The Stabio consultants are happy to help you choose stone strips in your kitchen.

Get started with stone strips from Stabigo

Do you want to give your kitchen a different look with Stabigo brick slips? Know then that you can easily assemble them yourself. If you are a bit of a do-it-yourselfer, you can easily apply them to any wall yourself. You can place the panels directly on the wall. Even old paint and wallpaper layers do not have to be removed first. Because it requires little preparation, and because it often involves larger sections of brick slips, you will see results quickly. With stone strips you provide large surfaces in your kitchen with a completely new appearance in a relatively short time.

Stabigo dealer nearby

Stabigo has a wide and varied range of brick slips for every kitchen. They are attractively priced and delivered quickly. For more information about kitchen stone strips, or more information about the other Stabigo products, please contact your Stabigo dealer. Of course you can also call or email the Stabigo specialists via 0472067800 and Stone strips for your kitchen? Stabigo has them for you!

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