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Stone strips living room: modern variant of a classic

Do you still know them from the 70s? The brick slips with an exterior wall appearance that brought in the exterior wall in many living rooms. At the time, it was a simple and inexpensive wall covering that was very atmospheric. The good news is: they are still big mood determiners. Even better news is that the old stone strips are back again, but now in many trendy and modern designs. You can create a beautiful “retro look” with it in no time. But just as easily you can give your living room an extremely modern look with stone strips in, for example, “concrete look”. Brick slips come in many colors, types, sizes and application options.







Living room stone strips, of all times

Stone strips are now actually timeless. The brown tones of years ago have given way to modern colors and designs. They are easy to use in any interior, whether it is classic, modern or industrial. With the right choice of color and design, brick slips are no longer an issue in any living room.

Mounting of stone strips in the living room

Brick strips are very easy to assemble. You don’t have to worry about having to renovate your entire living room. The installation of brick strips requires little preparation and mess during assembly. You do not have to remove old paint layers or wallpaper. That is getting along well. And if you know that you quickly provide large panels of stone strips to the walls in your living room, you can be sure that the job is done quickly. This way you can easily provide your living room with a completely new look.

Stone strips for every living room

A living room with walls covered with decorative stone strips gives a luxurious, modern and exclusive atmosphere to this most important space in your house. But why not provide your house with brick slips in its entirety? They are also ideal for mounting in other rooms, such as the bathroom, the toilet or the kitchen. Because of the many colors and designs you can give each room a different look and still add unity to your interior. For tips and advice on the many application options, we kindly refer you to the Stabigo advisers. With their product knowledge, they are happy to advise you in your choice of decorative brick slips.

High-quality Stabigo brick slips

Do you want to give your living room a modern look? Know then that with the Stabigo brick strips you can make an economical choice from a very extensive range at a very attractive price. Do you have difficulty choosing? Then order a number of free samples. This way you can compare the stone strips at home in the living room at your leisure and you will ultimately know for sure that you are making the right purchase!

Visit a Stabigo dealer in the area

Stabigo has a wide range of brick strips for your living room. Our products are competitively priced and are delivered quickly. Do you want more information about our brick slips, or do you want more information about the other Stabigo products? Then visit the Stabigo dealer. Of course you can also call or email the Stabigo specialists via 0472067800 and You can easily order stone strips for your living room at Stabigo.

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