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The beautiful wall covering made of wood from Stabigo

Are you looking for beautiful wall coverings made of wood? Then take a look at the extensive Stabigo range at the Stabigo dealer in your area. Stabigo is a wholesaler of floor and wall coverings that the quality of its products is of paramount importance. The brand is known for its natural look and sustainable products. Are you curious about the possibilities in the field of wood wall coverings? Then contact us or visit the Stabigo dealer and make your choice.







Wall coverings with a natural and distinctive look

Are you looking for something special to cover your walls with? Do you want wallcovering with a natural look? Then the Stabigo wood wall covering is definitely for you. The wall covering is provided with real wood blocks or discs that have been carefully applied to a panel. The wood wall covering has retained its natural color and structure and therefore looks very warm and full of character. This wallcovering can be applied in almost any room, inside or outside. Consider for example the bathroom, living room, office, toilet or garden.

The possibilities in the field of wall covering

The Stabigo wood wall covering gives you the opportunity to provide your space with a unique eye-catcher. The wood comes into its own in almost every interior. Whether you are an office with an industrial look or a living room with a modern look, the wallcovering fits seamlessly. Stabigo has a wide range of wall coverings with wooden elements. You can choose from different sizes, shapes and colors. Need help choosing the right wall covering? Then you can always engage the specialists at the Stabigo dealer.

Stabigo products

The products of Stabigo are known for their excellent quality. You can also expect the following:

  • Wide choice of different colors and shapes.
  • A stylish and natural look.
  • Different versions.
  • A long service life.
  • Competitively priced

Do you need more information about wall coverings with wood? Then contact us.

Visit a Stabigo dealer in the area

Are you looking for beautiful wall coverings with wood for your bathroom, living room, office space or garden? Or do you need more information about the Stabigo products? Then visit the nearest Stabigo dealer. Of course you can also contact the Stabigo specialists by telephone or e-mail at 0472067800 and We will gladly provide you with more information about the possibilities in the field of Stabigo wood wall coverings.

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