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Atmospheric wood on the wall with the panels from Stabigo

There is an unmistakable appeal of wood. The feeling that a natural product gives can greatly improve the atmosphere in the home. Look therefore at the Stabigo strips for the simple application of wood to the wall. In addition to the high quality, you have a wide choice of different types of wood, each with a different appearance. Take for example a light wood color to create a breathable feeling, or a dark wood tile for a more classic.

atmosphere. You can also choose from different shapes, from rectangular to round. Easy to apply and also durable! Take a look at a dealer in your area and experience the possibilities for wood on the wall with the panels from Stabigo!







Stabigo wood panels for every atmosphere

Do you want to create a new atmosphere in your home or office? The possibilities are endless with the panels from Stabigo with which you can easily put wood on the wall. Not only walls are suitable for our panels; because how about decorating your box spring, a bar, doors, a wall cupboard or a complete waiting room? In a jiffy you create the luxurious look you want, you can make objects stand out and you create a natural environment. Do you want to go for sustainability? Even then there are plenty of options from the range of recycled or certified wood. Choose the Stabigo wood panels for your next project!

Easy application of wood to the wall

The wooden panels from Stabigo are easy to install on your wall or project. The light weight and excellent adhesion of the rear ensure smooth processing of the panels on almost any surface. Be creative and be amazed by the simplicity with which you can achieve great results yourself!

Come to the Stabigo dealer in your area

At Stabigo you enjoy quality and a wide range of panels for wood on the wall. For every scenario there is a solution at Stabigo that allows you to create the atmosphere that you want in an instant! If you choose Stabigo, you also benefit from competitive prices and super-fast delivery. Do you need more information for your next project with wood on the wall? Then visit a Stabigo dealer in your area. Of course you can also contact us for more product information via 0472067800 and For high-quality and easy-to-apply wood on the wall, choose Stabigo!

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