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Wood strips from Stabigo give your room atmosphere

Do you want to give your home or business a stylish makeover? Then practical and sustainable wood strips can offer a solution for your project. With wood in your home or office you can enjoy soothing tones and a luxurious look. In addition to walls, cupboards and other furniture are suitable to provide beautiful wooden strips. Choose from our extensive selection of wood types and finishes for a style that suits you. A chic, cozy or welcoming atmosphere creates Stabigo wood strips in a jiffy and is therefore often used by interior designers. Look therefore in the Stabigo range for all possibilities. Your local dealer will be happy to help you find the style that suits you and can provide you with practical tips for easy assembly.







Create atmosphere with wood strips

Within the extensive collection of Stabigo you can choose from various styles. For example, opt for an aged vintage look, or bring warm colors into your home with dark tropical finishes. The wood strips are also available in various designs with a difference in relief, size and shape of the wood parts. Whatever effect you want to achieve; The Stabigo collection gives you access to an atmosphere experience that fits your space or your personal style. The holding strips are often used in the home, but also in restaurants, luxury canteens, waiting areas, catering establishments and other environments. Be inspired by your local dealer and purchase a natural product.

Placing wood strips

Placing wood strips is simple and intuitive. Place the strips easily in and next to each other on the relevant surface. Furthermore, the strips are very light in weight and adhere well to any smooth surface. However, make sure you use the correct adhesive to prevent letting go. Your local dealer can advise on this. This way you can enjoy a beautiful wooden wall with the wood strips from Stabigo for years!

Find your wood tips at your local Stabigo dealer

For quality products and an extensive selection option you choose Stabigo. We supply wood strips in various sizes, finishes and types of wood. Go for the comfort of wood! Still not convinced? Then visit your local Stabigo dealer and experience the quality of our wood strips for yourself. For specific product questions, contact us via: 0472067800 or send us an e-mail directly at: You have come to the right place for well-priced, sustainable and high-quality wood strips!

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