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A wooden wall quickly arranged with Stabigo

A wooden wall exudes atmosphere, gives a luxurious appearance and can be a particularly beautiful and natural addition to your interior at home or at the office. With the wooden wall panels from Stabigo you can create a wooden wall with the look and feel you want in an instant. Not only walls can be decorated with this, but also doors, cupboards and many other creative applications. Different types of wood in various designs give you ample opportunity to find the style that fits the rest of your home or office. Furthermore, the panels are very easy to install and you will be amazed by the results that you can achieve in a short time. Go to a dealer in your area and inquire about the possibilities for a wooden wall with the panels from Stabigo!







The atmosphere you are looking for with wooden panels

Do you want a chic, natural and organic look in your home or office? This can be reached quickly with a wooden wall. Within the range of Stabigo you have an extensive choice between various types of wood and designs. From rectangular wooden strips to wooden cross-sections of trunks, it is possible with Stabigo. Decorate your wall, box spring, door or wall cupboard quickly and easily. Or how about adding wood to your luxurious bar, a cozy waiting room or a breathtaking bathroom. Choose Stabigo if you also consider sustainability to be important with recycled wood or with a quality mark. Ask quickly about the possibilities for a wooden wall!

A wooden wall easily installed

The light weight and good adhesion properties of Stabigo wood panels ensure that you can easily apply them to almost any even surface. A wooden wall is therefore made in no time. Amaze yourself about the results you can achieve with relatively little effort!

Find a Stabigo dealer in your area

It has never been so easy to make a wooden wall in your home or business premises. For quality, a wide range and competitive prices, go to a dealer in your area and inquire about the wooden panels from Stabigo. An overview of all dealers can be found here. If you would like more product information, please call 0472067800 and Stabigo helps you on your way to your customized wooden wall!

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