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Your living room is simply covered with wood

Enjoy the feeling and atmosphere that wood can give you in the living room. With wooden wall coverings from Stabigo you can quickly and easily realize the organic and luxurious look in your home that you have always wanted. In addition to walls, doors, cupboards and even your box spring can also be fitted with wooden wall coverings. The simple assembly makes it easy to unleash your creativity and transform your living room or other space. Waiting rooms, canteens, public spaces and office spaces are also very suitable for applying wooden wall coverings. Your local dealer can help you on your way with the possibilities from the Stabigo range.







A living room with wooden wall coverings

A living room is ideally suited for wooden wall coverings. Easily create class, style or tranquility with Stabigo wooden wallcovering. Wood also helps to give an organic feel to your living room. It is almost as if the wood breathes with your lifestyle. Be inspired by the contrast that wooden panels give to your space, see the light breaking on the subtle wood fibers and experience tranquility. For the interior designers among us: create depth and therefore space by choosing strategic walls or places for wooden wall coverings. Take a look at the assortment of Stabigo!

Easily create a wooden wall

With the wall covering for your living room from Stabigo you can quickly and effectively create the atmosphere that you are looking for. The wooden panels can be assembled with very little knowledge. The panels are lightweight, easily fit together and adhere well to almost any type of substrate. Get advice from your local dealer about the bonding of your Stabigo product. Be surprised how quickly you transform your living room with wooden wall coverings for inside! 

Find the Stabigo dealer in your area

Take a look at the generous range of wooden wall coverings for the living room at a dealer in your area. Be advised and surprised by competitive rates, a fast delivery time and an excellent guarantee. Of course you can also contact us directly about specific product information. Then call us on: 0472067800 or send us an email at: With products from Stabigo you quickly have a wooden wall covering for the living room!

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