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Stylish walls with wooden wall coverings from Stabigo

Let your interior feel organic, and create a luxurious look with the wooden wall covering from Stabigo. Very easy to apply and guaranteed results in no time. A wooden wall in your building or home is easily and quickly arranged. It is not only walls that can be covered properly, because what about a wall cupboard, doors or your box spring? The range of Stabigo also gives you a wide choice of various styles, types of wood and designs, so that you will always find the wooden wall covering that suits you. Be amazed by the wonderful effect that wooden wallcovering can have in your room. Ask quickly about the possibilities at your local dealer!







A breathtaking look for wall

Wooden wallcovering is a great way to quickly and easily add style to your home, building or office space. The organic “feel” of wood also gives a lively atmosphere. Both in the home and in the office there are numerous applications that allow you to quickly create this feeling. Do you want to emphasize certain objects or facets of your space to create more contrast, or to create depth? Even then, wood wall coverings from Stabigo are a perfect way to give your interior a makeover. The use of recycled or certified wood is also sustainable. At Stabigo we deliver responsible natural products, so that you can start working with confidence. So choose Stabigo wood wallcovering!

Applying wooden wall coverings

It has never been so easy to decorate your wall or project with wood. Easy-to-connect panels that are also very lightweight make it a simple do-it-yourself job. In addition, the panels adhere well to almost any type of smooth surface. With the wooden wallcovering from Stabigo you will be amazed by the results that you can achieve in a short time at home or business premises!

Find a Stabigo dealer in your area

At Stabigo you will find the wooden wall covering that fits every project. Moreover, you are out with our competitive prices and you can count on high quality in a sustainable jacket. Therefore, inquire quickly at the dealer in your area to your area. You can find this on the dealer page. If you would like more product information, call 0472067800 and With the wooden wallcovering from Stabigo you will not miss the mark!

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