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Wooden wall panel from Stabigo

Wooden wall panels can offer a solution if you want to be quickly provided with a stylish way to give your home or business a natural makeover. Enjoy the organic feel of wood. From walls to doors, cupboards and even box springs; you can transform them into a chic object with a wooden wall panel from Stabigo. The use of wood is also ideal for a cozy and welcoming look. Take a look at the Stabigo range for all options. Your local dealer can advise you and help you get started quickly.







Atmosphere creation with a wooden wall panel

With the wide range of wooden wall coverings from Stabigo, there is always a type that suits you and your project. Whether at home, in a restaurant or at a stylish architectural office; with wood wall coverings you know that you set the tone. Wood breathes and feels like an organic addition to your living environment. It creates peace and comfort, but can also look luxurious, vintage or tropical at the same time. Whatever you want to achieve; the different tastes in colour, type of wood and version can determine the final choice. Come and visit one of our dealers’ showrooms and see in practice what a wooden wall panel can mean for your project.

Installation of a wooden wall panel

Wooden wall panels are easy to install. So simple that the job is done before you know it. The wooden panels from Stabigo are easy to fit together, are lightweight and adhere perfectly to almost any flat surface. Furniture, walls, partitions and pillars are just a few examples of where a wooden wall panel is installed easily and quickly. Be advised in advance by your local dealer about the bonding, and then enjoy the results that you have achieved in no time!

Find the Stabigo dealer in your area

The generous assortment of Stabigo guarantees a product that suits you. Sustainable and high-quality products, competitive rates and fast delivery means that you can enjoy your new wooden wall panels for years and optimally. Contact a dealer in your area quickly for the comprehensive presentation of our systems. Of course you can also contact us directly about specific product information. Then call us on: 0472067800 or send us an email directly at: A wooden wall panel from Stabigo gives space, style and comfort!

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