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Wooden wall strips for stylish walls

A natural look at home or in your business premises often starts with the choice of wood. With Stabigo wooden wall strips you can achieve this easily and cheaply. Let your interior feel organic and create a luxurious look. It is not only walls that can be covered properly; because how about decorating a wall cupboard, doors, a box spring or a chic bar? Within the range of Stabigo you have the freedom to choose from various styles, types of wood and designs, so that you will always find the wooden wall strips that suit you. Be surprised by what simple wooden wall strips can mean for your space. Your local dealer can tell you in detail about the possibilities of wooden wall strips from Stabigo!







Create a personal atmosphere

Wooden wall strips are often used to rigorously change the look of a room quickly and effectively. Allow style and nature into your home, building or office space and you will see that the organic feel of wood brings the space to life. Both at home and in the office there are numerous applications that can quickly create this feeling. The main way is to provide walls with wooden wall strips, but it is also regularly used to decorate other surfaces. Doors, cupboards and partitions are examples to quickly create a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, adding contrast to a room can create more depth, making rooms feel cozier or more spacious. Wooden wall strips from Stabigo are also sustainable, because they are recycled or made from quality mark wood. That’s why you should also opt for Stabigo wooden wallcovering!

Easily apply wooden wall strips

One advantage of wooden wall strips is that they are very easy to apply. You can provide large surfaces with these easy-to-connect strips in no time. In addition, the strips adhere well to almost any even surface. Use the correct bonding technique for this. For questions please contact your local dealer who will help you with the installation.

Find a Stabigo dealer in your area

Wooden wall strips from Stabigo come in many shapes and sizes. In addition to a wide selection, you are assured of high-quality and durable materials. Find out quickly at your nearest dealer and take advantage of competitive prices. You can find your dealer on the dealer page. If you need more product information, please contact Stabigo at: 0472067800 or by sending an email to: Natural metamorphosis with the wooden wall strips from Stabigo!

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