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Bring nature into your home with wooden wall coverings

Do you also think wood has such an attractive appearance? Wood is often used for a luxurious and organic look. At Stabigo we supply wooden wall coverings that help you transform your interior in no time. Many applications can be conceived for your home or business premises for which the panels are excellent. In addition to wall coverings, you can also think of covering doors, cupboards or even your box spring. For your organization, wooden wallcovering can give a great chic look. You create a relaxing waiting room with wooden wall coverings, for example, or a restaurant will get the cozy atmosphere you are looking for. Your local dealer can help you on your way to finding the wall covering that suits you best.







Atmospheric with a wooden wall for inside 

Are you also enthusiastic about the use of wood in your home or business premises? You can achieve this quickly and easily with the Stabigo interior wall covering! Decorate your wall, door or object of your choice with an extensive arsenal of wall coverings. Vintage or gray wood, light and dark colors in various shapes and sizes; For every application and every style you can come to Stabigo for your wooden wall covering for indoors. In addition to atmosphere, you can also create more depth and contrast by providing your walls with wall coverings in strategic places. At Stabigo also choose sustainable with recycled and certified wood! Therefore choose wooden wallcovering from Stabigo for inside!

Easily create a wooden wall

An advantage of Stabigo wallcovering is that you can very quickly create the “wood look” that you are looking for. Every size surface smoothly provides you with wooden panels that fit together in a smart way, that are lightweight and that the backside adheres well to any surface. However, take the correct adhesion into account. For more information about this, go to your local dealer where you also get a feel for all possibilities for wall covering inside.

Find the Stabigo dealer in your area

For every application you can build on the wooden wall covering from Stabigo. Durable, competitively priced and delivered quickly. Go to your dealer for customized advice and get to know our extensive range. Of course you can also contact us directly for specific product information. Call us on: 0472067800 or send us an email at: For indoor wooden wall coverings, go to Stabigo!

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